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Outsourced Call Center Administrative Work

ADE clients have taken advantage of the skills commonly associated with data entry by expanding the services at ADE to complimentary functions.  ADE performs the following call center administrative work for one of their larger clients:


·          Consumer Correspondence (Email, White Mail, Fax)

·          Consumer Goods Orders

·          Consumer Payments

·          Consumer Product Returns

·          Customer Daily Subscription Invoicing

·          Consumer Back Order Release and Invoicing

·          Consumer Complaints, Product & Sample Requests, Spec Sheet Requests

·          Consumer follow-up to Rebate submissions, orders, consumer program responses.


These functions are tightly integrated into the client’s existing host systems using dedicated Virtual Private Network access to client site hosts.   ADE dedicates and trains staff specifically for these functions and draws from the experience gained from processing regular data entry of consumer programs for this client.

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