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Registration Projects / Advantages & Value

Specialized Client Requirements:

ADE has engineered a variety of data capture & processing solutions above and beyond normal data entry.  Fast turnaround, when required, allows registrations to be in the hands of the client as early as the next business day.


Quick Client Access to Profile Q&A:

ADE also has the capability of taking Q&A / profile responses and providing results in graphical form via a private web connection.  This eliminates the waiting period for client database administrators to import and update in-house marketing databases.


Customized Client Solutions:

ADE has extraordinary engineering skills to produce a variety of results from the data capture processes. One such program takes the weekly results of registrations and creates a marketing database import for the client and simultaneously outputs to self-adhesive labels with product sample shipping codes ready for client fulfillment functions.  Quality technical reports from ADE keep the client informed about demand for fulfillment in addition to registration response volumes.


Value from Simplification:

ADE’s client solutions engineering draws upon 20 years of experience to create simplified processes, reduce costs, improve timelines, and meet strict client requirements. 


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