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Flexibility in Rebate Processing from ADE

Data captured during rebate processing is a key source of information for our clients and ADE does it better than any other organization:


All data is captured in upper and lower case.

Abbreviations are used for address standardization only.

Following is a list of data fields that can be captured:

                        First Name

                        Middle Initial

                        Last Name

                        Organization / Company

                        Address Line 1

                        Address Line 2

                        City, State, Zip

                        Phone Number

                        Fax Number

                        Email address

                        Postmark date on entry form envelope

                        Campaign / rebate program code

                        Dealer name from register receipt

                        Register Receipt Date

                        UPC Codes & quantity applicable from register receipt

                        Price paid on applicable products from register receipt


ADE can engineer efficient solutions for your rebate processing requirements. Contact us today and see how helpful we can be for your next project!  Contact Info



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