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Advantages & value when your rebates are processed by ADE

The traditional value from rebates is to persuade buyers & accelerate product sales.  The overall cost of rebates has given rise to manufacturers wanting more than the traditional value.


ADE has responded with specially designed workflow and systems to capture and present the value to their clients, which sets them apart from competitors.


Significant effort is applied to capturing all possible data elements to provide clients with quality post processing information such as:

Response curve over time

Highest volume dealers

Retail price range and curve paid by customers

UPC codes of products purchased against the rebate


All data elements captured are provided to clients for their call centers who ultimately field questions about their rebate programs.  This avoids bouncing the rebate customer from vendor to vendor creating frustration.


Rebate customers can access the status of their rebates via the internet


ADE has engineered flexibility into their rebate processing efforts. Review the next page to see how your firm can benefit from ADE flexibility


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