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Data entry is done from a wide variety of customer-supplied documents. ADE has become expert at building a work flow to accommodate various document styles and content, facilitating high quality verbatim and interpretive data.  The following list represents the wide variety of projects and extensive experience found at ADE:


General Data Entry

Client documents keyed and converted to data files all types


Name & Address

Customer Lists (with related customer specific account data)

Donor Lists

Mailing Lists


Surveys / Questionnaires

Human Resources Questionnaires

Health Care Questionnaires

Consumer Shopping Mall Surveys

Vehicle Owner Satisfaction Surveys

Consumer Goods Surveys


Consumer Product Rebates  (for a complete description see Rebate Processing)

Office Products Rebates

Software Rebates


Financial Data

Accounting Records

Payroll Records

Retirement Vesting Schedules


Registration Cards

Software User Registrations

Consumer Product Registrations


Business Reply Cards

Product Satisfaction & Utilization Cards

User Profile Information

Product Sample Requests

Consumer Feedback Cards


Scientific Data

USGS seismic event data from hand written index cards



Prize Qualification Entries


Cataloging of Collateral Material

Build database from advertising materials, product spec sheets, etc.


Inventory Control Data Input

Build database of consumer products from various source documents as preparation for import into client order processing system.


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