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Why Choose Us?

Advanced Data Entry is an excellent choice for outsourced data entry because of these reasons:


          Accuracy, quality, data integrity and speed of completion are cornerstones at ADE

          High caliber data entry personnel assure that your data are of excellent quality and the highest integrity

          Flexibility and willingness to successfully adapt to client requirements are applied to every project and demonstrated in the millions of characters keyed each year

          We have become expert in designing output formats to meet the most complex requirements such as feeding marketing databases or CRM systems on a weekly basis

          Your direct access to production management simplifies decisions and allows your firmís project to move forward quickly

          ADE readily accepts challenges such as: capturing data from actual consumer products, computer listings, advertisements, spec sheets, hardbound reference books, and handwritten manuscripts to name only a few

          ADEís customized data entry applications reduce your startup costs for complicated projects

          Financial and scientific data often require a confirmed accuracy of 99.98% and this is easily accomplished by our key verification process

          All name and address projects at ADE are run through current address standardization & Zip+4 processes at no extra charge! This can save you significant postage dollars and give you the confidence that you will reach your intended mail target


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